“We found Mike- Clikwiz online on a Google Search. After visiting impressive websites designed by Clikwiz I called the customers to see what they thought of their customer service, their webdesign, and their optimization. I heard nothing but great things from everyone! Customers were eager to tell me how happy they were with Mike. People who I had left messages for returned my calls, just to sing the praises of Mike with Clikwiz.

After dealing with a webdesigner that could not optimize my site as promised, never returned my calls in a timely fashion, etc., I was nervous about finding a company that would not deliver yet again. After meeting Mike, I felt at ease with him, and I was happy to find that Mike could not only talk the talk, but he could walk the walk, and deliver!

Our company does A/C work in the summer, and our business has been built on word of mouth, so we were not interested in online advertising for that part of our company. During the Winter months we do Pool Heating. Our company wanted to advertise online, because we specialize in a type of Commercial Pool Heating that cannot be tracked by visits to the site. Our field is so specialized that there are not many searches for it, and the searches we get are from a select few that ask specifically for this field.

Since Mike has redesigned and optimized our site, we have received many calls requesting bids for our Specialized Commercial Pool Heating through our website. During the summer, we even received some A/C calls from our website! I would recommend Clikwiz to anyone! Your website is your livelyhood. You cannot trust it to just anyone! Mike’s prices are more than fair for the work he does! Our only regret, is that we did not find him sooner!

Thank you, Mike, we cannot say enough good things about you! We did work for a webdesigner that found us online one day, and they even complimented our website! They did not even solicit us for business! You know your site is something else when Clikwiz’s competitor compliments the design of your website, and doesn’t try solicit their business! That, right there, speaks volumes about Mike with Clikwiz!”

Thank you,
Alex & Amy Machado
Alex’s Pool Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC

“My business website had been the same for over 13 years, and it was time for a change. My research covered most of Florida searching related websites along with web designers. I quickly became very overwhelmed, and needed to sit down with someone face to face to help me understand my options. I began to narrow my search to Charlotte & Sarasota County. Through browsing, I came across Clikwiz and was instantly interested. I called, and Mike the owner, answered the phone and was very helpful. He took lots of information, viewed my site, and within a few days I had a detailed 9 page proposal. Now that was impressive! He came to my store and sat with me for quite some time listening to what I was looking for and adding his own great ideas. I was sold! In about a month we were up and running with no problems.

ClikWiz went above and beyond my expectations. They have developed an amazing site for us that is helping us grow with a small online store and Facebook page, which has become quite successful. Whenever I have a question or need, Mike is just a phone call away to resolve my issue.

If you’re looking for a great web designer, great people to work with, and excellent workmanship ClikWiz should be your next call.

Thank you,Mike, for helping to make my business more successful!”

Julie Joseph
FantaSea SCUBA

“ClikWiz has exceeded all expectations for our website. Mike made all our wants and ideas come to life in a clean professional website. He added flash content and even incorporated our products in a clean eye popping website. www.shopmobilepcs.com has not only increased our retail business but has given us a strong web presence. Thank you ClikWiz!”

Brent Ortigoza

“I unhesitatingly endorse ClikWiz for all prospects seeking originative web design. Starting with elementary input on my part, Mike Williams, Owner, presented an engaging website structure to support my hobby-cum-business venture. From conceptualization through finalization, Mike accommodated my numerous text revisions in a prompt, proficient manner. Mike’s post-launch support is equally commendable.”

Ed Krehl
Krehl’s Krib, LLC