3 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

You might think that when we build these amazing websites for our clients, that our primary goal is to create something beautiful. That’s not the case. That is our secondary goal. The primary goal is conversion. By conversion, we mean turning as many visitors to the site into buyers. There […]

Google Reviews Disappearing

A lot of businesses lately have reported issues with their reviews on Google+ Local disappearing. This is because Google has again changed the algorithms to try to catch review spam. Unfortunately, some legitimate reviews are going to be caught in this filter. How can you prevent this from happening to […]

Help With Google Analytics

Many of our clients ask me for help with Google Analytics. They hear that they should be using it, but when they try, they are overwhelmed by information overload. They don’t know where to begin. Although Google Analytics can provide some very seriously detailed information that only a geek like […]

No Summer Vacation for Online Marketing

I can’t believe it’s August already. This year is really flying! Here in Southwest Florida, aside from being hot and humid, it’s also a slow time for many businesses. If you’re a seasonal business that depends on the flood of snow birds that our local economy thrives on each winter, […]

Your Browser is Old, Slow, and Will Probably Give You a Virus

Today’s post is about a very emotional subject to me. There is something that a majority of people do, and probably don’t think anything of it, but makes my life really difficult and frustrates me to no end. It’s very possible that you do this and don’t even realize that […]

Local Search Marketing on YouTube

I had a discussion with some friends about how to market their businesses on YouTube, and it prompted me to write a post about it. YouTube can be an extremely effective local search marketing tool, and many people have heard they should be using it to market their business. But […]

Your Business: Do You Need an App for That?

In the world of online marketing, whenever the next big thing comes out, often times you hear that you have to jump on that bandwagon if you want your business to succeed. We’ve heard that every business needs to be on Facebook and Twitter. But the fact is, that there […]

Pinterest for Online Local Business Marketing

Internet marketers everywhere are all talking about Pinterest these days. For those that don’t know about Pinterest, it’s a social networking site where you “pin” images and videos on web pages and they are saved to virtual pin boards that others can see and comment and re-pin themselves. Although Pinterest […]

Official Facebook WordPress Plugin

Facebook has finally come out with an “Official” plugin for the popular blogging and content management system, WordPress. Is this something to get excited about? Is it a must have for your WordPress site or blog? That depends. There are a few really nice features about this plugin, but many […]

Top 10 Local Search Ranking Factors

David Mihm, who is an industry leader in the Local Search Marketing field has recently released this year’s Local Search Ranking Factors, Vol. 5. This is a survey of the world’s top Local Search Marketing experts, where the top ranking factors of Google Places, now Google+ Local, are ranked in […]

Adios Google Places! Hola Google+ Local!

In case you haven’t noticed, in the last couple of days, Google has completely removed Google Places listings from the search results. When you click on a local listing, you are now directed to a Google+ Local page. So what does this mean for your business and your rankings? We […]

Email Marketing is Still Alive and Well

There are a lot of misconceptions about email marketing these days. Many business owners don’t think there is much of a return on the investment. Others think that because of the flood of spam emails, that people don’t read newsletters or email marketing messages. But that’s simply not the case. […]

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