Buffer: A Social Media Time Saver

One of the biggest complaints I get about social media, is that it can be a complete time-suck. That can definitely be true, especially for the ADHD types like myself. But let me tell you about a great little tool that I use to save time, and increase my reach on social media platforms.

I share a lot of content that I find online with my readers on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. There’s a lot of great content out there that can help my readers, if they only know about it. So I do what I can to point out great articles and blog posts from other sites that I think can help them in their business.

The problem is, that I often find multiple articles at once, but I don’t like to post them all at once. Your content will get greater reach if it’s spread out throughout the day. But who has time to save the link, then remember to go back and post them every couple of hours? The solution? Buffer!

Buffer is a great little tool that will actually install into your browser if you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. You setup a posting schedule. Mine is once mid-morning, then once mid-afternoon. Then add your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

>> Click Here to Check it Out

When you see a post or article you’d like to share, you just click the little buffer button in your browser. You can add a comment about the article if you’d like, then it sends it to the buffer. As long as you keep articles in your buffer, it will have something to post at those designated times. Pretty sweet!

You can also use Buffer to write your own posts of course. So you if you think of something to post, but don’t want to post it now, put it in your buffer.

The free version of this handy little time-saving app is probably good enough for most users. There is a paid version which allows for more social media profiles, and other additional options, for only $10 per month. I highly recommend this app and I use it all the time!

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