Call To Action: The Most Important Object on Your Website

Why does your website need a call to action? You need to make sure that your readers know what to do once they’ve viewed all of your information. Otherwise it may be unclear to them what action they should take.

A call to action will focus your site, give you a way to measure your success and give direction to your users.

A call to action usually involves something along the lines of:

  • Call a Phone Number
  • Fill Out a Contact Form
  • Make a Purchase
  • Make a Donation

You don’t have to be an ecommerce website to have a call to action. Every single website out there needs some call to action, otherwise, there’s no real point in having a website. What do you want your readers to do once they’ve looked at your website? If it’s filling out a form, volunteering their time, calling a 1-800 number or making a donation, this is what your call to action will focus on.

Your call to action should be the most noticeable object on your web page. It should be easy to find, and it should stand out. If users can’t find out what to do on your site very quickly, they will move on to the next site.

You might use a lot of white space around the call to action to separate it from content. You could make it a large button, or bold colors that stand out from the page. Better yet, do all of those things!

Don’t use a lot of flowery words in your call to action. Keep it simple to avoid overcomplicating the request. The more urgent language you use, the easier it will be for people to clearly understand what you want them to do. Use words like call, buy, donate, add to cart, and view.

Motivate people to complete the call to action. Do they get anything for calling the number or filling out the form? You can include an offer expiration date or let people know about a free gift or download they get if they complete the offer now rather than later.

Your call to action needs to be eye-grabbing and crystal clear so that your readers know exactly what to do. Then once they take action, be ready for them!

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