QR Code Marketing for Painting Companies

Effective Ideas for QR Code Marketing

I see a lot of businesses using QR codes these days. In most cases, the QR code, when scanned, takes the visitor to the company’s website. In some cases, this is ok, but more often than not, it’s an ineffective way to take advantage of QR code technology.

If someone scans that QR code and goes to a website that just has information about your business, it will be a one and done transaction. You will not have an opportunity to continue to market to that person. However, there are better options!

Social Media

Send them to your Facebook page or other social media profile when they scan your QR code? Then you have to opportunity to continually engage that person. Instead of one contact, you have a relationship!

Email Signup Form

Send the visitor to an email newsletter signup form. Of course you’ll want to give an incentive to give their email address, such as specials and coupons that you only send to your newsletter subscribers. Email marketing is still one of the best, most cost effective forms of online marketing and QR codes can be a great way to capture those email addresses. An example of this is a landing page that we developed for our local chamber of commerce at http://shopnorthportfl.com.

There are also other ways to engage your market using QR codes that can help you sell more and grow your business:

Get Reviews

Online reviews are proven to be extremely effective in helping buyers make a decision on who to buy from. Use QR codes to send people to your Google+ Local, Yelp, or other business directory so they can leave a review.


Coupons are always a great way to entice people to buy, so why not create an online coupon and send your visitors to that?

Get Directions

Send users to your Google+ Local page to get directions.

Check In

Make it easy for people to check in on Facebook or Foursquare.

QR codes can be an extremely effective part of your online marketing campaign if used wisely. Just make sure you’re sending the visitor somewhere that will increase engagement instead of just your website’s home page.

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