How to Sell Without Being a Salesman

Early in my career I thought that I would never be in sales. I thought I didn’t have the right personality for the job because I’m a total introvert.

Years ago, I worked for a small software company. I was the most knowledgeable about how the software worked, so management gave me the task of demoing the software to prospective customers. I would give a quick demo and answer their questions about how the software would work for their specific application. It wasn’t until the management told me I had achieved a 75% close rate that I realized I was in sales. How did this happen? And what’s more, how is it that I was good at it when I never even tried to pitch anyone?

The reason was that I never saw myself as trying to “sell” anyone. I was helping people. They had a need, and if our software could fill that need, I would tell them how. They were confident in purchasing from us because I was knowledgeable and helpful. They trusted me because they could see that I wasn’t just trying to make a sale. I was earnestly trying to help them solve their problems. I was more of a teacher than a salesman.

Knowledge is one of the most valuable things you can give people. When they learn something that will improve their life, they get excited. When you give away knowledge, you have given someone a gift. They will appreciate it and will remember that you gave them that gift. They may not be ready to buy your product or service right now, but when they are, who do you think they will come to, the guy that’s “pitching” them, or the one who gave them the gift that improved their life?

That’s why content marketing is so important. You will notice that I don’t sell anything on my blog or newsletter. I rarely even make reference to the services we offer. People know what we do so there’s no reason to keep reminding them. All I do is help people by offering them useable information that can improve their online marketing. I teach.

This strategy of helping and serving people is paying off tremendously in my business. I don’t ever have to feel like a creepy salesman. I don’t ever have to convince a prospect to buy from me. When they come to me, they’ve already made up their minds because I’ve already helped them in some way or one of my other clients has already convinced them for me.

How awesome would it be for you if you never had to “sell” again, but your sales increased anyway? I strongly suggest that you consider starting a blog, newsletter, or other content marketing strategy with the singular goal of helping your market. Don’t sell, teach. The sales will come by themselves!

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